Shed hidden behind property is more impressive than the actual house


When it comes to purchasing a house, it’s usually the property itself and the potential the space holds that really counts.

But buyers in South Australia are currently being lured to look at a home all because of what’s behind it.

The Waikerie property, located at 4 Nicol Cres is hiding something rather interesting in its shed.

At the back of the house, tucked away is a shed which was once used as a space to keep a car, but it has since been transformed and turned into a fully-decked out ‘Man Cave’.

It’s the ultimate spot to hang out, complete with a bar, fridge, oven and TV.

The current owner of the property, Craig Radloff bought the three-bedroom home in 2008 and undertook and extensive renovation.

Speaking to he explained how he modernised the entire house, putting in a new kitchen and bathroom, painting the place and adding new carpet

But it was the shed where he became the most creative.

He had initially planned to turn the space into an entertainment room, or use the shed as an extension of the house.

But when a colleague at work put a bar up for sale, he knew exactly what the shed should be used for.

“That was a lucky find,” he said of the bar.

“I got it off one of the truck drivers at work, he was moving but he just bought this bar.

“It just fit in that spot perfectly.”

The shed quickly became the place where Craig spent most of his time and his friends loved coming over to hang out in there as well.

Craig is only selling the place because he has to move for work.

The property, including the man cave is on the market for $189,500 AUD (£101,620).

And even estate agents thing the shed is a massive selling point.

“It is certainly an element that grabs people’s attention,” said selling agent Wayne Kleemann, of Elders Riverland.

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